An Exercise Bike That Cheers You On While You Ride?

There are many ways you can workout to stay fit, but there are only a few ways to keep yourself interested in it. Despite many efforts, people are not able to make enough time for the workout because doing the same thing every day is boring. In my opinion, if you are not sure about working out and making excuses to hit the GYM then there has to be a reason behind it.

In several cases, the reasons are petty, and they matter at the end of the day. Unfortunately, working out on same equipment for few weeks keeps you interested, but after a while, you lose interest in the machine.

An Exercise Bike That Cheers You On While You Ride?

Liking, Interest, Entertainment and Curiosity does not have any value nor place in the fitness world. If you are hitting the GYM to stay fit, then you should be working on the task. However, the human nature does not allow you to do that but what you can do is to try different things.

If your plan is to workout on the Spin bike, then that’s a good start, but it does get boring to peddle every day on the same bike. So let us show you how you can keep yourself around and interested in the workout.

Try Workout Options

There are plenty of options and features, which come along with the machine. You can use those options and features to keep yourself busy for a long time without even thinking about any other thing.

  • Monitor: There are Spin Bikes which have an inbuilt “Heartrate Monitor.” In simple words, you can use the feature to keep your heart rate in check to maintain a safe exercise. No matter how much a person has experienced in life but curiosity will always get the best of them.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Do you love listening to music? Many big time players, who workout on the Spin Bike is not able to make enough time. You can use that time to listen to the music which will relax your mind and soul. It will also keep you interested. We have seen many people getting addicted to the workout because they can listen to the music while exercising on the spin bike.
  • Challenges: Every machine has pre-installed AIMS and Challenges, you can challenge yourself to the match, and you can move forward by beating your previous records.

Watch & Read

There are plenty of things you can do while you are working out on the spin bike. Few brands are adding more features to the Spin Bike so that you can do more than just riding. It can even burn 2000-2500 calories a day if you workout properly.

  • You can use the stand which lets you attach your TAB or Smartphone to watch your favorite movie.
  • You can even attach your books to the Spin Bike, and learn your lessons.


Got some questions for us? Then you can use the comment box below to let us know your thoughts and opinions. You can entertain yourself while working out on many fitness machines without any hassle.